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Fire Like A Dragon by Ac1D
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Song: Fire Like A Dragon
Artist: Ac1D

they call him Nostradamus
a little bit demonic
hit em wit a bullet call a - Gastrotomic
spit it wit the rhymes when - i'm puffin chronic
speed up wit the phonics - ultra sonic
lit up in the back now - i'm rapid bombin
hit em wit a bang wen i roll up on it
nigga wanna battle wit a veteran, I'm droppin tracks
that'll fall and impact like comets ( woooh)
faggot wanna roll up when i pack heat
must of pulled the trigga better duck up in the back seat
lyrically attack up on a nigga put that mac up on a nigga when i ran up
and i hit em wit the gat 'B'
How u gunna clap me? need about a thousand troops and a hundred different army
split up all around me i get so rowdy n spit
Fire like a - fire like a

Chorus (2x)

Fire like a - Dragon
Fire Like - Dragon
Fire like a - Dragon
Fire like - Dragon

Verse 2:

spit up on a nigga when i tounge twist
you aint able to get the gun Quick
u fall to the floor - try'na GO - cus all ur mans is like
you hate it but you really wanna bump heads
its slaughter wen i roll up with the DRUM HITS
see ma tongue's like a trigga when i bust this flow
these niggas like his DUM QUICK
yo wat bout the feign with the four-five- (colt)
im good wit a little bit of haze aight
i'll be back in a minute wen i get up on it
niggas wanna hit up and it get me sooo high
so what up wen i pull up with the drop top back?
hate it when i roll up wit the GLOCK COCKED BACK
hate it when a nigga wanna' talk shit
like damn dude just stop that!
you better believe me the demon be leavin ya body all messed up - i'm saving your bones
people is hatin i'm telling you niggas ain't nothin but biters - i'll conquer ur throne
see me just make a hit in a second no weapon is needed i'm - keepin it pro
vividly speaking the words cus' i spit - fire like a dragon yo

Fire like a - Dragon yo
Fire like a - Dragon yo
Fire like a -Dragon yo
Vividly speaking the words cus' i spit fire like a dragon yo

Chorus 2x:

Verse 3:

nigga's just started to stutter, im leaving his head just a little bit cut up, and even if all of
his people jus get up, i got a biretta B, it'll be setup - my niggas is getting up all of
their bat up i tell em i rather be slitting this cat up and soak em in blood or just leave him to rot
or just even to struggle - and watch him breathe

getting the pen and the paper - my pads up, i'm sticking to that - instead of a gat
it dont matter who put up the temperature, i'm burning the words up wit fire and turning it to ashes
im leaving a pattern no matter the weather - i let em know dis aint a myth its a fact
its a dragon that lighted the night up inside of me sleeping........ (damn)

Chorus 2x: (fade)

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